Sunday, August 13, 2017


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Good morning! I woke up automatically at 8.30 even though this was the only morning this week when I could've slept as long as I could. I went to sleep already at 10pm last night, so I still got a good 10 hour sleep.. I think it had something to do with all the wine we had with my friend in the afternoon. But it's summer so I guess it's fine! Now I'm on the couch sipping my second cup of coffee and thinking about whether I should drag my butt to the gym or go for a power walk. We are having a furry visitor for a few weeks so maybe I should take advantage and go for a walk with her, I've been too lazy with cardio lately because of the heat and the fact that my favorite jog buddy is staying in Finland with my dad for now. I love having a dog in the house, it makes me feel like home! 

It doesn't even feel like Sunday to be honest. This week just flew by so rapidly that I didn't even have time to realize it. The weather has been perfect for the last couple of days, not too cold but fresh enough that it's been possible to wear jeans, makeup and hair down.. Everyone's been super relieved I think, the heat wave was unbearable. The summer is still not over here in Barcelona and actually August happens to be the vacation month for most of the people. I'm not having a proper summer vacation this year, but I'm having five whole days off next week so I'm having a mini-vacation, and that's actually fine by me. I was planning on going home to Finland to celebrate my little sisters first birthday, but at the time that I knew I could get the days off, the flights were already super expensive. And there's no point on paying that kind of money only to spend three whole days at home. In stead we are probably going to Costa Brava to relax, and I'm pretty excited. Five days is enough to be able to completely relax, and I want to make most of those days. Finland will wait, and I'm hoping on going there in a few months for a week or more and spend time with my baby sister and my baby dog. 

This post ended up being pure rambling, forgive me hahah. Have a nice and relaxing Sunday everyone! I'm heading for that power walk and then to work.. Someone's got to work, right?