Sunday, August 20, 2017


_DSC0111 (1)

I had completely forgotten about these pictures, though you may have seen a picture or few in my Instagram feed (@jennaclaudia). I'm a fan of skinny jeans since I think that's the model that fits me the best, but I couldn't resist these mom jeans from Gina Tricot when I saw them back in May. I think ripped boyfriend jeans are a must have in every wardrobe, but because I prefer a high waist in my jeans, the ripped mom jeans are my go to model. There's a smudge on them in these pictures because I was petting a dog between taking the photos and I'm really bad at photoshop.. I can be quite a princess what it comes to a lot of stuff, but I never mind having a random dogs drool on my clothes! 

By now you probably already now my obsession with red. The shirt is from Bershka and I love the flower pattern on it! These pictures were taken already in the beginning of June and now it's too hot to wear neither of these pieces. Actually the other day I was wearing the jeans but noticed after an hour that it was a really bad idea.. 


I actually had posted these a few weeks ago already but for some reason the post just disappeared, so here it is a again!

photos by Mireia Sadurní 

shirt BERSHKA / similar here*
mom jeans GINA TRICOT / same ones here
heels H&M / similar here*

Friday, August 18, 2017



I had prepared a post about celebrating my summer vacation starting today, another one comparing Barcelona with Finland and some outfit shots also. It seems all so unimportant and irrelevant right now. 

I have no words, and I'm still in a kind of a shock. They just called me from a Finnish newspaper and I could barely put my thoughts in to words. It feels hard to understand what happened here yesterday, in the exact spot where I walk by daily on my way to work.

I feel overwhelmed of all the messages asking if I'm alright. Thank you everyone for asking.❤️

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

It hurts. T'estimo Barcelona, my home and my happy place. 💔