Good morning guys, this time from Kuopio! I arrived to my home town yesterday evening and been glued to my dog and baby sister ever since. Can't believe how much my little sister has grown in half a year, she's already running and talking a little. And my dog, well.. She's a bit heavier than the last time I saw her, thanks to the endless treats she's getting here at my dad's place.. If everything goes as planned, I'll be able to bring her home to Barcelona soon, and gosh, that would be the best thing ever. Keep your fingers crossed boys and girls, I'm begging you!

I've been home for 16 hours and I've already had some makaronilaatikko for dinner, been to sauna and had an evening walk in the snowy streets with my dog. Later I watched some TV with my dad and my step mom which was so nice and cozy, but you know what was the best part? Going to bed and letting Bumbi crawl under my blanket and then snuggle with her until falling asleep. I've missed my baby so bad. Now I'm planning on having another cup of coffee and taking her for a nice long walk in the woods. There's so much snow in Kuopio, so I guess we are going to have that white Christmas that I wished for!

I'm all smiles at the moment, I had such a great weekend in Helsinki with my best friends. I'll tell you more about it later with more details and pictures! And now I'm home after six months, it feels so good. All though, to be fairly honest, this two week "vacation" of mine doesn't really feel like a vacation at all because my schedule is so much more hectic than in my everyday life in Barcelona.. But I'm trying to take it easy, not to stress and hope that everyone understands that my family comes first and that if I won't have time to meet up with everyone, I'll do my best to meet with them the next time. But I have to say, I feel so loved right now. By my closest friends, who, unfortunately live in Helsinki and my time was so limited with them, and by my family, who is exactly the same as always. I'm not quite sure about exactly how hectic this week will be, nor if it'll affect the pace of my posts here in the blog, but I'll definitely be active on Instagram, especially in the stories section, that's for sure. So if you want to keep up and also see about a billion photos and videos of Bumbi, make sure to follow (@jennaclaudia).

Oh, and you know what? I got nominated as the Nouw Finland's blogger of the week, which, naturally, makes me smile also! I mean, can you believe it?! I feel honored and I'm so happy that I decided to move my blog here some months ago, it has brought only positive changes with it.

My Finnish readers can read the article with my interview here! Hope you'll like it!

beret ZARA

knit DIXIE* / similar here, here

skirt DAPHNEA PARIS* / similar here, here


How do you like my outfit? I don't know what got into me that day, because lately all black outfits have ruled almost daily. The sweater is from a brand called Dixie and at first I wasn't quite sure about how it would fit into my outfits, but then I figured that it'll brighten them up a little with the fresh stripes and the colorful print. I don't own a single top that would have a print on it, if you don't count an old t-shirt that says *"Ironman Support Group" or something like that, so it was nice to spice things up a little. The leather skirt I just adore, I'm aware that I've mentioned that earlier to you too, I know, but I'm pretty in love with it. Both, the sweater and the skirt are from San & Cler, who I'm collaborating with, where as the sock boots are from Mango and the red beret is from Zara. Damn Inditex, just take my money..

Now I'll search for my thickest winter coat, Ugg's etc, because while in Helsinki the weather was rainy, and in fact, exactly like it was in May when I was there the last time, in Kuopio it's pure winter, with loads of snow.. I thought about preparing one post more before going out, but it's a bit challenging to write with just one hand. Bumbi hits me with her paw the second I stop scratching her..



photos @ Jenni Sulkala

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Hello from Helsinki! Sooo freaking happy to be in Finland, it seems almost unreal. I've spent the day meeting up with some of my closest friends that live here in Helsinki and it has been seriously so lovely. The only problem is the time, I have too little time to me meet all the people that I'd like to meet while I'm here.

These pictures describe tonight's theme pretty well: wine with my best friend in the whole world. Probably the hardest part about living abroad is not being able to have those random wine nights with her. Well that makes these nights even more special, I'm so happy to be back together with her! You probably knew this already, but we've been best friends ever since we went to school 18 over years ago and there's absolutely no one in this world who knows me better than she does. It's so good to be in Helsinki after being away for half a year again.. The darkness and the cold haven't got to me yet, but just wait for it.. Two weeks and I'll probably be quite ready to go back under the palm trees.. Crying and missing my family and friends, but happy to see the sun, hahah..

Now we'll pop the bottle, I bought the prettiest one I could find, as usual. Later we are heading for dinner to Sushi Bar & Wine and who knows what we'll do later! Have a nice Friday night guys! :)


photos @ Jenni Sulkala

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Hi guys! I'm sitting here at the airport waiting for boarding, which should happen in ten minutes or so. Let me tell you, I've never ever arrived this late to the airport, I don't know what I was thinking. That I have all the time in the world it seems. I was arriving to the metro when the "Welcome on board" message arrived, hahah. Well, I do love a good adrenaline rush!

I also don't know what I was thinking when I said yes to doing a photoshoot this morning before heading to the airport.. I arrived home when I should've already been on my way to the airport, still hadn't packed everything, had a breakfast or cleaned. I'm my father's daughter, no doubt about it. Now I can't help but smile, I had a super fun morning doing the shooting with two Norwegian guys, I'm officially on vacation and I'm going home after half a year. Can't wait to see my best friend's face at the airport, I'll hug her to death! It's going to be a long day because after a quick outfit change at my bff's place, we'll be going to my this year's first Christmas party! So nice!

Now I'll need to find my gate, wish me a safe flight, would you?

Finland I'm coming home! 💙



What's your favorite Christmas food?

Rice porridge! And it's actually the only real Christmas food that I really like.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

I think my mom has a fake one and my dad a real one, so both. At home we have a mini fake Christmas tree..

What would be your dream place to visit on the holiday season?

Lapland.. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never been there.

Have you bought all the presents already?

Actually I have! This is a first..

Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

In Kuopio with my family. Can't wait to get there this Sunday!

Is there something you don't like about Christmas?

I don't like if people aka my family members get stressed.. Let's just chill, hahah. Also, I'm afraid that I'll spill the truth about Santa by accident to my nephews or my little sister. My family would literally kill me!!

Tell us a fun Christmas memorie!

It was Christmas morning and I woke up to a crash.. It was my mom who had knocked down the Christmas tree, hahahha..

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Home Alone! Oh, or all the Harry Potter movies, all though they aren't really Christmas movies..

Are you going to bake some Christmas treats?

Umm, I don't think so. I think I'll leave that to my mom, sisters and my step mom. Let's all do what we are good at! So I'll be the one pouring the wine.

Favorite Christmas tradition?

When all of my family members go to Christmas church and I'm home alone for an hour or two, and that's usually when my best friend drops by and we change gifts!

Do you own a Christmas sweater?

I don't, but I always have my Santa hat on my head, all Christmas long.. This year I was promised a reindeer headband that they had bought for my little sister (she's 1 year-old..) too! So I'm really hoping that it's waiting for me when I'll get home..

What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

Being home with my family for two weeks! I'll be driving them crazy in that time..

Were you good this year?

I'm always good!

What's your favorite Christmas song?

Probably Last Christmas!

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Almost every year! Perks of being a Finn and spending the holidays in Kuopio.



I'd happily receive any of these items into my closet. Simple and cute, don't you think? Well, the sweater with the ruffles isn't maybe as timeless and classy as the other items in the collage, but it was so cute and more budget friendly than the other pieces so I just had to include it here! I saw this exact same belt in the outlet village last week, but they were out of small sizes, unfortunately, because I really need one. I haven't been wearing sneakers much in years, all though in one point they were the only shoes that I wore. Now I've started craving a simple black pair for those days that I want to wear something more relaxed than boots. The golden necklace has been hanging on my wishlist instead of my neck for too long already, every since my name necklace broke.. I'm just not good at buying jewelry for myself, I think that's the boyfriend's job, hahah. Please don't take me too seriously!

Did you read today's outfit post already?